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Background and Education

Profile image of Josh Drake - Web Services, web design, seo, 360 images, virtual toursI am a type A personality with leadership experience and a hunger for success in any endeavour. I have a strong technical, creative and administrative background, which makes me highly capable in a number of fields.

Education, training, and experience have allowed me to become an expert on numerous construction and engineering topics. I presently hold my Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME,), LEED AP, as well as several coursework certifications through the US Corps of Engineers, the Air Force Institute of Technology, and the US Green Building Council. I have not only learned a great deal from this coursework, but have also had the opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills on the job throughout my internship.


Josh Drake's home where he does webs services, web development, website design, SEO, social media management, and more in Tucson AZ
My home office at dusk.

My primary objective is to use my broad range of skills to accomplish the objectives of my organization. Whether that is working for myself, or working for another, I want to excel beyond their expectations. I want to drive their organization higher than they have imagined and demonstrate my ability to get things done.

My greatest strength is my ability to cross over a large number of disciplines while producing high-quality work in any given area. I have demonstrated a high degree of proficiency in engineering, technical writing, internet content writing, supervision and management, logistics, and other areas. I am adaptive, self-starting, and always ready to take a challenge for the short and long term.