Video and Photo Equipment

Who is JP Drake Enterprises?

I am an experienced professional videographer and photographer. My capabilities cover a wide range of life experiences that give me the ability to be creative. But creativity isn’t everything.

Something that many professional artists lack is the ability to speak to a commercial audience. You want to sell your product or service and presenting your visual media in an engaging way takes a particular skillset.

My education in the creative realm is in commercial production for television and the web. I have worked on news, talk shows, commercials, short films and much more. This gives me the prowess to not only create, but also design and target content.

If you’re looking for professional media services, including video, photo, and written word, I can help you. I am dedicated to providing a quality product that will meet my customer’s needs.

Professional Videography Makes a World of Difference

My education gives me a strong mix of media and content knowledge. I attended film school for three years before deciding that I should switch to engineering. My degrees are in Mechanical Engineering. However, I have learned and practiced film professionally for more than 10 years.

The importance of having the advanced education and experience, as well as working in the film and media industry, is the range of knowledge. I can produce clean, professional video and I can do so on a large variety of topics. In a sense, I act as my own subject matter expert.